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Sales and Revenue Training

ehotelworks, through a series of established sales management packages, and through sales and revenue management training courses, offers hotels the opportunity to increase profitability in both electronic and traditional sales and revenue channels.

From third party product training, to enhancing sales and revenue processes, negotiations skills and research techniques, we will focus on those areas of your operation that present you with an opportunity, and we will quantifiably generate incremental revenue to your hotel.

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Sales Training

Our sales training solutions include on and off site training for sales staff, as well as hands-on salesperson day-to-day management. Our trainers – proven hotel industry sales professionals – will analyse your sales teams status, present you with findings, agree with you on incremental targets and new processes, and will continuously monitor the performance of our team to ensure higher RevPAR.

Revenue Management Training

Correct yielding doesn’t only come from electronic channels. Recognising the significance of correct demand-management through cross-channel pricing control is paramount when aiming for optimum results. To help you tap into your potential, our revenue management specialists will assess your current revenue management practices, and will deliver customised training to all revenue members of your staff, and for those revenue channels that you need help with.

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