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Multilingual Hotel Websites

By definition, the preferred language of the international traveller is rarely English.

Estimations on the actual percentage of travellers who aren't comfortable speaking and/or using English range from 40 – 70% depending on the source. We can only speculate on the exact numbers but we are certain about one thing. There is a very large and growing number of potential guests who would appreciate the ability to view and book your hotel in the comfort of their own language.

Additionally, international versions of your website will be much easier to be found, indexed and listed on the first pages of local search engines world-wide. With increased presence in search engines world-wide, and with a clear message to your customers that you care about their bookings, partnering with our team of hotel e-commerce experts will be the easiest choice you have made in a long time. 

Local hosting, URLs, and SEO-friendly work

By hosting your website in local servers, and by researching, identifying and buying on your behalf the correct local URLs, you are pushing your website to the top of local search engines in the target countries - search engines that today are ignoring you.

Re-Construction of your website in any international language you choose

We will research the country of your choice and identify the search terms that you need to have in the international version of your site, so that both international and local search engines can find you easily.

Delivery of the correct messages through Cultural Optimisation

With development done entirely through local teams of experts, electronic Hotelworks will deliver websites that are "easy" to the eyes of your customers. We ensure that both booking flow optimisation and cultural expectations of the visitors are met, whilst the "call to book" is always central part of our designs - aligned with high conversion targets. This way you don't only speak your customers' language, you also convey the right messages to show them you care.

Translation of your CRS for each local website

We will create translations directly in your Central Reservations System so that travellers can book you, and receive their confirmation messages in their mother tongue. Your international websites will offer a smooth, local experience to bookers that today would struggle to find you on their local searches.

Segment your market

Multilingual websites are a wonderful, effective and accurate tool to target visitors’ requirements and convey customised marketing messages. With a natural separation between markets, and with the ability to identify marketing opportunities per country, a website with multilingual versions isn’t just facilitating your international visitors, it allows you to segment your marketing efforts on a country per country basis.

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