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RFPs for New Hotel Technologies

eHotelworks supports, facilitates and specialises in a wide range of solutions to the hotel and travel industry.

From RFP technology, to customer relationship management (CRM) systems and customised, bespoke software development, we are the only UK software development and implementation company with 100% focus on the travel industry. eHotelworks is where experience and understanding of the travel sector can dramatically reduce your costs of IT product sales, development and implementation.

RFP Construction

ehotelworks owns a library of over 3500 questions, used by hotels to select the best suppliers for their new ecosystem.

This comes with twenty years experience in RFP management for hotels, and deep understanding of hotelier needs.

If you choose to work with us, we will interview your key staff, identify the correct KPIs for your organisation and will propose the most appropriate RFP questionnaire.

RFP Product Management

Constructing and sending an RFP to technology providers is only the beginning of the process. ehotelworks will support you with ongoing project management of the RFP process, often including Q&A sessions, clarification rounds, interview processes, presentations and implementation/training planning.

RFP Evaluation / Scoring

Hoteliers often choose the largest suppliers for their digital needs. This can be a good strategy in some cases, but it is not a good strategy for everyone. Larger suppliers often forget customer service, and rarely accept interfaces with new players. In addition, bespoke software development tends to be slow and expensive.

ehotelworks works with companies of all sizes, enabling you to select best of breed, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and reach your goals, but clearly evaluating and scoring specific answers, that are well phrased for your specific flows and hotels' needs.

Implementation Consulting and Recruiting

Once a supplier is selected, we help you with the contracting process, as well as ensuring that the expected implementation timelines and deliverables are all completed on time. When necessary, we can also help you identify and employ capable individuals who will assist you in completing the project.

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