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Hotel System Changes

By definition, the preferred language of the international traveller is rarely English.

Estimations on the actual percentage of travellers who aren't comfortable speaking and/or using English range from 40 – 70% depending on the source. We can only speculate on the exact numbers but we are certain about one thing. There is a very large and growing number of potential guests who would appreciate the ability to view and book your hotel in the comfort of their own language.

Additionally, international versions of your website will be much easier to be found, indexed and listed on the first pages of local search engines world-wide. With increased presence in search engines world-wide, and with a clear message to your customers that you care about their bookings, partnering with our team of hotel e-commerce experts will be the easiest choice you have made in a long time. 

Identification of the appropriate partners

The first challenge when changing your systems, is knowing which partners can help you, specifically for your circumstances. No one system is capable of solving all the challenges you are facing today, ehotelworks can help you identify and approach the most innovative, opent-to-collaboration and interface building companies in the industry.

Best of breed

It is comforting to you know that you are working with a best of breed collection of software providers, but it is also profitable. Your guests will love you for the upgraded experience before they even arrive, and you will spend more time running your hotel rather than solving technical problems. 

The selection of a best-of-breed hotel technology set of solutions will produce more than the sum of the parts. Guaranteed.

System Categories in which we specialise
Central Reservations Systems - CRSs


Solutions designed to do the 'heavy lifting' of all your transaction needs, including booking engines, GDSs (global distribution systems), META connectivity, and connectivity with OTAs, Channel Managers, PMSs and Customer Relationship Management systems. 

The list is long, but the potential enormous. Contact us to find out more about CRS system changes.

Customer Relationship Management - CRMs

A CRM is responsible for several functions withing and around you hotels:

  • Personalisation at all touch-points with a guest

  • Seamless loyalty and points management for your guests

  • Portal for guests to communicate with you all their preferences

  • Enable your CRS to sell the right thing to the right guest

  • Takes care of all your e-mail marketing and personalisation needs

Call Centre Reservations - CCRs

Call centres present an enormous benefit to hoteliers. A Call Centre Reservation system allows you to both take calls for all your hotels simultaneously, but also to enable discussions in multiple languages and at any time.

For a hotelier to achieve this, they need a solution that supports functionalities such as itinerary reservations, and at the same time professional teams of call centre agents who are able to offer you a 'follow the sun' service.

Whether you are only interested in a small overspill service, out of hours support, or a full internationalisation experience for your guests, we have the right partners for you!

Upselling and Ancillary Reservations Systems - ARSs


Not every hotelier needs, or can afford a full-blown CRM. Often, it is vastly more cost efficient to simply use on of the many upselling systems found in the industry around the world. 

ehotelworks is deeply familiar with multiple vendors and can help you make sensible choices that will uplift your revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Often, hoteliers are constrained in the solutions they can use. Sometimes you need to make your changes gradually, others you may not have the staff power or expertise required to make a new system stack work well for you.

A great solution is to hire your own software developers, who can support you by creating the 'glue' that is missing in your existing solutions.

From asynchronous payments, digital wallets and channel to channel connectivity, all the way to bespoke software development, we can help you manage your projects with a clear and deep understanding of the industry.

META connectivity for your hotels

One of the most productive avenues to increase direct bookings, is through METAs.


METAs are companies that compare the market for consumers who are interested in becoming bookers. 

By ensuring you are correctly listed and intelligently prices on METAs - such as Google, Trivago and Kayak - you can attract a healthy percentage of guest directly on your website!

Contact us to find out more about publishing your hotels on METAs.

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