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Cookie Policy

Just as we do when we talk code, we use simple language when we talk about 'legal stuff'. Please read on to understand what are cookies, and how we are using them. 

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain a string of characters... (like: "abdcddedffedddfggghei".. or similar). These mindless little strings of characters (simple text) are stored in a safe place on your browser (especially provided by your browser for this purpose) and are used by websites that are interested in tracking your behaviour and remember things about you; like when you visited last time, how many times you were on the site before, if you have have left a page open somewhere specifically etc. So pretty much, that is it: pieces of text that are stored on your browser when you visit.

Why are they a big deal?

You have heard about Cookies because the European Union, in a well-meaning attempt to regulate the wilderness of the internet, said that basically all EU citizens and companies within the EU must be very prominent about what they do with cookies. The problems that arose from this are visible every time you visit a website, that will greet you with a choice (at best) and an opportunity for website owners to absolutely take way much more information than they should (at worse). 

What are we doing with Cookies?

Although in the wilderness of the internet cookies are used primarily for tracking users to offer advertising, we may use cookies only to personalise your experience on our website (for example by offering continuity in your visiting experience when and as needed) and for anonymous reporting reasons like how many people came back and when. When and IF we drop one in your browser, and then you re-visit within a few weeks, the cookie will allow us to know your browser belongs to a repeat visitor. Pretty much that is it.

For any concerns about your privacy and cookies, please contact us here.

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