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Hotel Project Management

eHotelworks supports, facilitates and specialises in a wide range of solutions to the hotel and travel industry.

Over the years we have understood that hoteliers often lack the human-power to respond (and ocassionally even to keep up) to partners' workforce demands as part of a project. From RFP technology, to customer relationship management (CRM) systems and customised, bespoke software development, we are the only UK software development and implementation company with 100% focus on the travel industry, which also offers you the human-power needed for managing projects on your behalf.


Let ehotelworks become an extension of your own staff, enabling us to manage projects on your behalf.

RFP Projects

More often than not, running an RFP will require you to both manage extraordinary volumes of information, and to plan for the implementation of the new technologies. From issuing RFPs, to scoring results, vetting partners, managing presentations, negotiations, contracting, implementations, training and ongoing support, ehotelworks can help. Please click here for more information on RFP projects specifically, or here to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.

Internationalisation Projects

Internationalisation is a customised repetition of everything you have already done in one country and language, onto one or more others. It is not a straight forward act! An internationalisation project includes identification of potential countries and languages from which there is enough business to justify the effort, identification of systems and internal processes that require change, extraction/translation/injection of translated content, SEO-friendly launches of new content, and strategic follow up of said content in other languages, just to name a few items on your to do list.

ehotelworks comes with enormous experience in managing said projects. We are here to help.

Revenue Management Projects

In revenue management projects, we usually find ourselves talking about the cliché of 'teaching you how to fish - not catching the fish for you'. As with all our projects, we are interested in joining, making change happen, and then closing the project as soon as possible. We will not just help you revenue manage your products; we will represent you externally, and we will function as mentors and teachers, who will educate your staff in being better revenue managers themselves. 

For more information on our Revenue Management services click here. Alternatively, you can contact us here for a no obligation discussion on how we can help.

Hotel System Changes

Changing your technology is a task of enormous importance and magnitude. The disruption of change will have an impact on your staff and your revenue, unless it is managed correctly. Involving the correct stakeholders to the party, ensuring their buy in on all decisions, and spreading the workload over reasonable periods of time, are all critical factors in a system change successful project.

Whether you are looking at changing your CRS, your CRM, RMS or PMS, ehotelworks can help. Contact us here for a no obligation discussion on how we can help.

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