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eHotelworks supports a multitude of educational institutions, from the Republic Polytechnic of Singapore, to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Marketer's Forum and the London School of Business and Finance. Our goal is to share our understanding of technology, but also to bring the best out of each of our students.

We invite you to examine the teaching projects we have been involved with, to get a better idea how ehotelworks is perfectly positioned to provide your university or workplace with high quality teaching.

Guest lecturing

In a series of pro-bono and paid-for presentations and lecture series, ehotelworks has contributed to hospitality learning in a multitude of institutions around the world, and for over a decade. 

Our content is adapted to the needs of each class. Examples of our work can be found below:

Preparing marketing professionals for a marketing degree from the CIM

The Chartered Institute of Marketing offers professionals who work in  marketing, the opportunity to formalise their qualifications, by studying towards the the CIM diploma (or Masters degree). Companies like the Marketer's Forum create structured lessons for candidates who wish to gain this recognition, which usually takes about a year to complete. 

ehotelworks provided teachers who would take candidates through the required curriculum, teaching them how to perform market audits, how to evaluate results, identify and quantify opportunities, compare and assess opportunity costs, and finally how to put together real life marketing projects that affects everyone's life today.

From the very first implementation of a cookie-directive pop-up on the BT website, to the introduction of paper cups in Costa Caffes, ehotelworks was the guiding force of the professionals who executed these changes, whilst gaining their marketing degrees.

Analytics to Marketing MSc students at the LSBF

The London School of Business and Finance needed an analytics specialist for a two month course to their MSc in Marketing students. There we taught students how to think around analytics, the importance of critical analysis around measurable actionable insights, and helped them grow into exceptional marketing professionals.

Teaching Hoteliers and hospitality consultants

Depending on the event, ehotelworks adapts its content to suit the needs of its audience. This includes specialised consultants-only sessions, where we cover topics such as Robotic Automation in hospitality, Ancillary driven systems, ESB driven architectures etc.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with presentations and training for your events.

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