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'Best of Breed' affiliated products

Exceptional solutions working in harmony

We are proud to present a list of exceptional products, designed to work seamlessly together, offering you genuine best-of-breed solutions for your hotels.

blue globe connected to multiple hotel computer terminals
Windsurfer CRS

Since 2004 - when we implemented our first installation to the Ilissia Best Western Hotel in Athens, the Windsurfer CRS platform has been a favourite solution.

Standing head over shoulders above the other solutions in the market, we have been selling and installing it in hotels around the world. SHR.Global, the exceptional company owning this product, is a great partner and client of ours, and we fully recommend their services.

Maverick CRM


When most CRM companies will do their utmost to tie you in with the rest of their products, the Maverick CRM by SHR.Global enables you to link to any partner you like. 

Backed by exceptional customer service (also something of a rarity in this space), Maverick can handle your loyalty needs, your customer profiles, and your cross-system touch points with your guests. This is a great solution that is worth your attention.

Upgrade2 Ancillary Sales


Allowing a specialist company to enhance your ability to sell more, and increase customer satisfaction. UP2 is a close partner of ehotelworks, and we got to help them design and project manage their solution!

There is an exceptional amount of intelligence embedded in UP2, who are now also moving towards vertical product integrations. In addition, their solution will give you 100% message personalisation - so effectively every e-mail to every guest, will be tailored to what is most likely to help you convert better - and always focusing on your direct channel.



Infor is a company of exceptional values, and exceptional software.

Over the years, ehotelworks has partnered with Infor on multiple occasions, with a view to offer meaningful integrations, alongside surprising efficiencies.

To their credit, Infor look after their clients to exceptional customer service levels and their technology stack leaves very very little to be desired even in the most complex installations. If you are in the market for a mature and hugely understated PMS, this is a superb partner that we wholeheartedly recommend.

INFOR Sales and Catering


Yes, there is more than one kid on the block, and this one is surprisingly feature rich and agile. 

Infor S&C comfortably competes - and outclasses - the competition in every metric that counts. Combined with a real customer service, Infor S&C is by far our preferred solution for event management needs of all types of venues (from small hotels in Italy, to NFL Stadiums in the USA). 

Another fully recommended product, from the portfolio of our preferred supplier, Infor.

Beehive Call Centre Solution

When it comes to call centre services, the needs of hoteliers are very clear. Whether you need a minimal weekend overflow service, or a multilingual follow-the-sun partner, Beehive is second to none.


Providing you with comprehensive reporting, call recording, superb brand representation and standard respect, this is a company that we have seen performing exceptionally well for their hotel clients around the world. software


For those hoteliers that are not happy with 'whatever you are given' by the various technology partners that you have, there is always the option of doing it yourself! has been a long standing partner of ehotelworks and we have seen them manage exceptionally challenging solutions, at low costs and quickly!

Unlike software providers that are selecting (and pricing) jobs based on 'working at the highest value project at any given time', will be fair, measured, and innovative.

Wihp META publishing

In order for your hotel website to be seen (and found) by bookers who are comparing prices on major sites (such as Google, Kayak, Trivago, TripAdvisor etc.), someone needs to

- publish you on these websites

- help you manage your listing (which requires constant bidding for the right position), and

- connect to your CRS for the most effective prices,

- present the pricing in an enticing way, that will steal traffic from the OTAs, and send it to your website.

To date, we have not found a better partner than Wihp for this. Please note that Wihp does not work with independent properties directly, but we can certainly help you with that!

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