BABEL Multilingual™ - engage with your international visitors

eHotelworks is proud to present BABEL - its cost-per-acquisition localisation service, which enables hotels to create a risk free mulitlingual and internationalisation presence.

Backed by the folks at the exceptionally experienced Oban Mulitilingual, eHotelworks is now in a position to offer hotels a truly unusual proposition:

Get international versions of your hotel website risk free!

By allowing us to build international versions of your website, and by letting us promote these websites in the audiences in each country separately (in the respective languages), you are finally in a position to truly engage with customers from other countries.

We will make sure that the international travellers looking for accommodation in your area will not only understand you (the translation part of the service) but they will also find you in the first place (the localisation part of the service).

And for the right properties (for obvious reasons, this is not for everyone), we are happy to work on a commission only basis. We create the incremental demand, and we only get paid a small commission when you have received the reservations from your new, international audience!

How does it all work? SIMPLY

  1. We will look at your existing website, and we will re-construct it in the languages that we know will generate incremental reservations for you.
  2. We will use our extensive experience in cultural requirements for each international destination (not all cultures like to see the same things) and where necessary we will make amendments to ensure a favourable reations from your new international audience.
  3. We will build the pages in the most search engine friendly way, keeping in mind that results in online searches from international source markets are usually attracting different results than searches from your own country.
  4. We will periodically update the content of the international websites, to reflext the offers of your own official website, keeping the content fresh and relevant.
  5. We will make all the necessary translations on your booking engine to ensure a seamless customer experience for visitors from your new international audiences.
  6. We will only charge you a small commission for the reservations that you receive as a result of our work. Not a penny (or a dollar, or a yen, or a euro) more!
  7. That is it. All you have to do is say yes!

For more information, and an obligation-free presentation, click here to see how you can contact us.

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New Website for the Ilisia Hotel

--- UK 10 Oct 2013 ---
The Ilisia Hotel Athens has asked eHotelworks - in association with Cookiebite and VMGC Consulting - to create a cost-effective, versatile and attractive new website that is built for advanced analytics

Click for more information about this project  >>>

New Assignment with Clarenco

--- UK 01 Mar 2013 ---
We are delighted to announcethat we are working with Clarenco - a medium sized group with outstanding properties throughout the UK.

Click here to visit Clarenco  >>>

Assignment with LSBF

--- London 01 Sep 2012 ---
Yannis Anastasakis, principal conslutant at eHotelworks is assigned a role as Associate Lecturer at the London School of Business and Finance where he will teach Online Marketing to students studying towards the LSBF MSc in Marketing.

Bienvenue to lovely Roomers

--- Frankfurt 11 Feb 2012 ---
eHotelworks is delighted to announce that the beautiful Roomers Hotel in Frankfurt now has a French version of their website powered by our BABEL Multiingual internationalisation product.

Working with Red Carnation Hotels

--- Worldwide 1 Nov 2011 ---
eHotelworks is delighted to announce a new partnership with Red Carnation Hotels. Through translation and optimisation of all Red Carnation Hotel websites, eHotelworks will work to increase Red Carnation Hotel online presence in key Internaitonal markets such as China, Russia, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

The Cranley speaks French

--- France 19 Oct 2011 ---
The Cranley and Royal Park hotels in London both had their French websites switched on today. Have a look at the and the to see our work >>>

willkommen Royal Park London

--- Germany 29 Sep 2011 ---
Today, we launched the German version of the Royal Park hotel's website. A site originally put together by TravelCLICK, and now enhanced by our linguistic magic, the is set to attact thousands of German speaking visitors over the next few months >>>

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